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Regional advisory center to competitive bidding and pricing in the construction (Surkhandarya)
Address:   69, A.Temur Str, Termez 190104
Country:   Uzbekistan


Category Notive title Published Expires Country
Industry UPDATE: Purchase of grader 18.03.2016 20.05.2016 Uzbekistan
Services Services for the installation of CCTV and alarm 30.06.2015 30.07.2015 Uzbekistan
Education Purchase of educational equipment 19.05.2014 18.06.2014 Uzbekistan
Industry Procurement and supply of airfield tanker 19.05.2014 23.06.2014 Uzbekistan
Construction Renovation works 03.07.2013 03.08.2013 Uzbekistan
Furniture Furniture 17.03.2013 16.04.2013 Uzbekistan
other Procurement, supply and installation of cargo carriers for the arrival and departure halls of the airport terminal "Termez" 01.07.2012 29.07.2012 Uzbekistan
Transportation Purchase of units for cooling and heating of the aircraft cabin (trailer) for the International Airport of Termez 21.03.2011 14.04.2011 Uzbekistan